Our sleep and parenting courses offer a unique and compassionate approach, so you can feel well-rested and deeply connected to your child, all without the use of any sleep training techniques.

If you are a professional interested in becoming a Baby- Led Sleep & Well Being Specialist please visit our Become Certified page.

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NEW COURSE! Night Weaning

A 6-Module, Online, Self-Paced Course for Babies 10+ Months to 4 Years Old

In this comprehensive mini-course, we will give you everything that you need to night wean your baby or toddler (from the breast and bottle) with an attachment-focused lens. We will be providing you with practical strategies that you can use to both make small changes around feeding your baby at night or bigger changes to remove all-night feeds.

All WITHOUT sleep training.

$150 USD

Toddler Bedtime Battles
A 5-Module, Online, Self-Paced Course for Babies 12+ Months
In this comprehensive sleep course, we will be discussing the top five reasons toddlers fight bedtime and provide you with practical strategies you can use to make bedtime more enjoyable in your home WITHOUT sleep training.


$125 USD

Sleep without Sleep Training, 0-18 Months

A 44-Module, Online, Self-Paced Course for Babies 0-18 Months.

In this comprehensive sleep course, we will help you to better understand the common sleep and feeding challenges that arise at this age, we will provide you with strategies you can use to make changes to the pieces of your nighttime routine that are no longer working for you, and we will encourage you to keep the pieces that you love (bedsharing, feeding to sleep, snuggling to bed included).

We want you to feel empowered around your baby’s sleep so you can get back to parenting with your instincts and your heart.

$299 USD



$299 USD



Understanding Emotion

A 4-module mini course for babies 0-7 years
Often times as parents, this is a place that we really struggle because we did not have parents who modelled healthy expression of emotion, and could not support our big feelings. When this is how we grew up, and we have children of our own, we may struggle with the triggers that our baby’s emotions bring up in us, and not be sure how to support them. In this course we will talk all about why emotion is so critical to our children’s well-being and to attachment. I will share with you how we can support emotion as well as how emotion shows up when we are struggling with sleep. Understanding emotion transformed my relationship with my children and I know it will do the same for your family.

$49.99 USD

$49.99 USD

Parenting Beyond Sleep
A 14-Module, Self-Paced, Online Course for Parents with Babies 12 + Months
The biggest predictor of how well a child turns out is that they have a secure attachment with one primary caregiver. For this reason, the focus of this course is understanding attachment. This course will take you on a parenting journey beyond sleep.

$250 USD

$250 USD

Baby-Led Sleep™ Certificate Course for Professionals

Are you a professional who is already working with children or supporting families? Are you interested in learning more about biologically normal infant sleep but not interested in becoming a sleep specialist or coach? The Isla-Grace Sleep Certificate for Professionals is for you. In this modified version of our full certification, you will gain a solid understanding of baby sleep to support you in your current profession. 

$600 USD

$600 USD

Empowering HER Through the First Year of Motherhood

An Isla-Grace Sleep membership community for like-minded mothers.



by Lauren

This is not your typical ‘sleep training’ book. It’s quite the opposite.

This book will help you understand the phases of development that will affect your baby’s sleep so you can help your family navigate a more harmonious sleep journey. It will also tell you a lot of things that you, as a parent, aren’t used to hearing. This book was written to tell you that you are the best thing for your baby – that your instincts are right.

This book encourages parents to find their confidence and know that they may not have all the answers but that they are the answer to their child.



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