Your Baby’s Sleep Is Normal, And You’re an Amazing Parent!

This is not your typical ‘sleep training’ book. It’s quite the opposite.  This book will help you understand the phases of development that will affect your baby’s sleep so you can help your family navigate a more harmonious sleep journey. It will also tell you a lot of things that you, as a parent, aren’t used to hearing. This book was written to tell you that you are the best thing for your baby – that your instincts are right. This 54-page book encourages parents to find their confidence and know that they may not have all the answers but that they are the answer to their child.

Chapters include:

  • My Baby can’t self-soothe
  • At four months old, my baby is up all night long
  • My baby only takes thirty-minute naps
  • My baby s up sometimes for an hour in the middle of the night
  • My baby will only nurse to sleep
  • My baby won’t go to sleep drowsy but awake
  • My baby will only nap on me and won’t sleep in their crib
  • My baby sometimes cries for no reason
  • My baby will not sleep independently
  • My doctor is telling me that night waking is a problem and I better sleep train
  • My baby will only nap on the go
  • My six-month-old baby only wants me
  • My baby’s wake windows are not the same as the books say, and my baby seems to be fighting sleep
  • I am trying to train my baby to sleep and it is not working
  • My baby was only waking twice at night, and now they are waking up four times
  • My baby wakes up every two hours all night long


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