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Are you finding bedtime with your toddler to be a challenge? Do you find bedtime to be the most frustrating part of the day? Are you dreading bedtime? Is your toddler running all over the room at bedtime? Do you find yourself negotiating with your toddler for hours at bedtime? If you are, then this course is for you.

In this course, Lauren, an ATTACHMENT-FOCUSED Sleep and Well-Being Specialist, will walk you through her top five reasons that your toddler is fighting bedtime.

You will absolutely come away with practical strategies that you can implement to make bedtime enjoyable again for your family.

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Charly Paap
Posted 10 months ago
So informative and validating!

This course presents a lot of valuable information in a way that really validates maternal instinct and honors the parent-child relationship. I’m still tinkering with the right wake windows for our girl, but since taking and implementing the course we have not had one bedtime battle!

Saleena Manoharan
Posted 10 months ago

This course validated my instincts with regards to my child and sleep. I wish I was aware of this information before giving birth to my first child. The content of this course is about so much more than just sleep & it makes complete sense that it would all be connected. Lauren's delivery of the information & her inclusion of honest, personal experiences makes the content easier to digest & apply.

Lindsey Butts
Posted 10 months ago
Essential course for new moms

I found this course to be highly informative and supportive in dealing with all types of sleep challenges. Lauren presented all the material in a succinct and practical way that can be put into practice immediately, which means everything to a new mom who already have their hands full and not a lot of time to devote to reading from lots of sources to gain the same information.

Eilidh Shankland
Posted 10 months ago
Another fantastic course!

This is the second course I’ve completed on here and I’m just in awe of all the wonderful information. The insight Lauren has given me is just invaluable. I can’t thank her enough! If you are wondering about signing up don’t wonder anymore. Do it! You won’t regret it! Thanks a million!

Posted 10 months ago
Listening to your baby makes a world of difference

This course helped me to understand that toddlers are still in need of connection that we are often so "pressed for time" to give. Slowing down and listening to what my son needs throughout the day AND night has changed my perspective a lot. With a few small tweaks around my son's AM naps we went from 20-30 min naps to 90-120 min naps. He now wakes up smiling instead of tired and crying!

Sarai Riffel
Posted 10 months ago
She speaks like a friend

The information given is done in such a gentle way. It's obvious she wants to encourage moms who have been told so many confusing things when it comes to their baby. THANK YOU for being a cheerleader for all of us! I'm so glad to know my baby is NORMAL. You gave simple, relevant ways to make my life with baby easier. Highly recommend taking this course!

Serina Cooper
Posted 10 months ago
So much more than just sleep

This course shares messages that every parent should hear whether sleep is a concern or not. Lauren shares strategies to support your child to feel ready and able to sleep but more importantly to feel connected, respected, and at ease. It is a guide to support parents in meeting their children's emotional needs and allowing them safety and security within their relationship with you. Thank you!

Kate Reavill
Posted 10 months ago
Encouraging, inspiring and knowledgable

I took this course in preparation for the next stages - all of the information is clear and I find Lauren’s insight into sleep science really interesting. I found it really encouraging to see that my babies’ sleep habits are normal but that there are things I can help them with to improve things for all our sakes!. Would highly recommend the course and following on Instagram too!

Derrick J
Posted 10 months ago
Great insights

My husband surprised me with this course. We are attachment parents, none of our friends/family seem to understand the parenting decisions we make. But that’s okay. We found a great community that does! We are going to keep filling our Bub’s bucket just like you said. Thanks Lauren! So much great information about connection, proximity, and followinginstincts. Seriously the best parenting tips eva

Sherlaine Tai
Posted 10 months ago
Much more than a sleep course

This is definitely more than a sleep course. Lauren shares lot of useful information on attachment provides lots of parenting tips as well. I find the part about handling their emotions especially useful.

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One Response

  1. It is a very useful tool.

    I was surprised that it was much more than a sleep course, it is a parenting course, and an attitude course. I recommend it to all the parents who are struggling with bedtime and night sleep. The most important lesson I learned is how to better connect to my child and how to understand her needs.

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