Are you a professional who is already working with children or supporting families? Are you interested in learning more about biologically normal infant sleep but not interested in becoming a sleep specialist or coach? The Isla-Grace Sleep Certificate for Professionals is for you. In this modified version of our full certification, you will gain a solid understanding of baby sleep to support you in your current profession. 

Baby-Led Sleep™ Certificate Course for Professionals

Baby-Led Sleep™ Certificate Course for Professionals

Working as a Certified Baby-Led Sleep Coach will allow you to create your own hours, be your own boss and grow your own business in a way that best suits your life and your needs.

You will be a part of the ONLY sleep certification program that does not promote or suggest the use of any form of sleep training method to improve sleep in babies or children.

You will be a part of a community of sleep coaches that believe in supporting families to get more sleep WITHOUT sleep training. A community that supports each other to look at sleep holistically. A community of coaches from a variety of backgrounds, allowing us to learn from each other.

Please note that you will be required to complete some form of lactation education/certificate within 2 years of becoming a baby-led sleep coach to keep your certification. There are several options for courses that you can take depending on how you would like to use the education.

There are three required readings to be purchased for the course totalling approximately 30 USD.

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Learning & Community


  • Lifestyle and Culture
  • Normal Infant Sleep with Sleep Anthropologist Lenka Medvecova
  • Temperament and Stress
  • Rhythms, Routines, Patterns and Predictability
  • Sleep Environment
    Professor James McKenna
  • Understanding Sleep
    Sleep Science with Laura Gainche
  • Understanding the Science of Sleep With Taylor Cloutier
  • Understanding Tongue Ties and Breathing with Dentist with Dr. Chelsea Pinto
  • Common Sleep Interruptors
  • Reflux, Faye Higton
  • Development with Neonatal Occupational Therapists Carrie & Jenny from On Track Baby
  • Nutrition and Breastfeeding with IBCLC Hayley Bennison
  • Food Sensitivities and Vitamin Deficiencies with Naturopathic Doctor Michelle Peris
  • Food Allergies and Breastfeeding
  • The Adaptive Process – Emotion, Aggression, and Discipline
  • The Integrative Process
  • Pam Leo Emotion
  • Vulnerability
  • Sleep Training
  • Sleep Training with Sleep Anthropologist Lenka
  • How Children are Meant to Attach
  • Attachment Facilitates Dependence
  • Attachment Energy Polarizes
  • Cultivating a Context of Connection
  • Attachment with Dr. Deborah MacNamara
  • Preparing to Make Changes
  • Common Sleep Challenges
  • Night Weaning The Highly Sensitive Child
  • Going Back to Work

There will be a live webinar on Zoom with Lauren once every four weeks. You will be able to submit questions about the course content and Lauren will answer them during the webinar. Webinar times will vary.


Sleep Certificate

Payment Options

One Time Payment

$ 600 USD + applicable taxes
  • Location: Online
  • Work at your own pace
  • 1 year access to course

2 Month Instalment Plan

$ 300 USD + applicable taxes
  • Location: Online
  • Work at your own pace
  • 1 year access to course

*Refund Policy - If you go beyond the third module (Temperament and Stress) in the course you are no longer eligible for a refund. A refund must be requested within 2 weeks of your purchase of the sleep certificate. If these requirements are met, you will be eligible for a full refund. After 2 weeks you will no longer be eligible for a refund. No partial refunds are given.