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  • Understanding Attachment
  • Understanding Emotion
  • The Importance of Boundaries and Loving Limits
  • Discipline that Does Not Divide
  • All About Mom
  • Night Weaning/changing patterns
  • Going Back to Work
  • And more…

Each week Lauren will be guiding you through a topic that will transform the way that you see and understand your child. We will build on the concepts from the comprehensive sleep and feeding courses but will focus on how to build a secure attachment with your child.
The course is suitable for parents with children of any age. Topics for a variety of ages will be covered.

You will have 12 weeks access to the course material. You can pace yourself through the course. Additional handouts and videos will be provided for additional learning (to those who are interested).

This course is meant for PARENTS / NANNIES / CAREGIVERS ONLY and is NOT for other professionals. If you are currently supporting families as a practitioner, please see my Sleep Certification Course.

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Julie Butterworth
Posted 9 months ago
Answers questions I didn't know I had!

This is the third of Lauren's courses that I have taken and I have loved each of them! I especially loved this course as it provided that extension I was looking for beyond the introduction courses. Lauren provides so much guidance and has a way of answering questions I didn't even know I had! It is also comforting to know that Lauren has been and continues to grow right alongside us all!

Linda Veltmann
Posted 11 months ago

There are so many books out there giving you a millions ways to solve a million problems and none of them are every specific to what you're going through. I find going through this parenting journey, setting boundaries and supporting emotions and doing those 2 things that need to be kept in mind. It's refreshing to be given information that you can actually remember and isn't convoluted.

Posted 11 months ago
A Course Every Parent Should Take

An insightful course into the importance of attachment in childhood social and emotional development. I already find myself being a much more patient mom when it comes to handling my child's emotions, as well as being more present and supportive in those moments. This course has also taught me how to establish more confident and loving boundaries with my child. Cannot recommend enough!

Posted 11 months ago
Every parent should take this course!

This course is amazing! So many ah-ha moments. I love how Lauren breaks down attachment theory into easy to understand segments. She provides lots of examples, making it easy to apply the information to my own parenting. I am so inspired to make changes and to enhance my relationship with kids. The course far exceeded my expectations. Tonnes of supplementary material as well (handouts, videos).

Posted 11 months ago
Forever Thankful for Lauren

I started following islagracesleep on IG a few months ago. I welcomed a second child almost four months ago, and it rocked my toddlers (3.5 years old) world. The Parenting Beyond Sleep course has changed my whole approach. I truly believe in everything Lauren discusses and teaches in the course. This one course was more informative and life-changing than I can say. Highly recommend to all parents!

Samantha Spokes
Posted 11 months ago
I learnt a lot as a parent and as a teacher!

I signed up for the course for help with my 18mth old. I tried so hard not to make him cry and to keep him happy, Lauren's taught me that tears are to be embraced, they're important for development and that they don't make me a bad mum! I enjoyed her conversational approach rather than a stiff boring lecture. My only wish is that there are notes to put on the fridge to remind me of the info!

Carla Landreth
Posted 11 months ago
Cannot Recommend This Course Enough!

I sought this course out looking for attachment parenting based guidance for dealing with my toddler and I am so glad I did. I not only came away with confidence for dealing with his behavior I learned new insights on how my childhood affects my parenting and was reminded the importance of self care! I feel like this course was the missing puzzle piece I have been needing in my parenthood journey!

Posted 11 months ago
Enlightening and informative course!

The reason I initially signed up for this course was due to seeking help/advice for parenting my 3 year old. I feel that I came away with so much more than I expected. It’s not just about quick fix solutions, it’s about truly analyzing your connection with your child and the key role this plays in their development and thus behaviour. I recommend this to any parent!

Marloes van Ballegooijen
Posted 11 months ago
Love this perspective on parenting!

Thank you Lauren, for all the units in this course. It will be very helpful, for both our children: 4 years ond and 10 months old. Great video’s, well explained and with practical tips.

Posted 11 months ago
Great insights into attached parenting

This course is a great resource for the parenting journey. It is honest, challenging, comprehensive and touches a lot of different topics. Inward at a point where I defined my „success“ in parenting only regarding the sleep of my LO. This course helped me to focus on the bigger picture and enjoy more quality in the attachment to my LO. However, a bit more practical advice would have been nice.

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