Night Weaning Course

A 6-module, online, self-paced course for babies 10 + months (up to 4 years)

In this comprehensive mini-course, we will be giving you everything that you need to night wean your baby or toddler (from the breast and bottle) with an attachment-focused lens.  You’ll learn practical strategies you can use to make small changes around feeding your baby at night or bigger changes to remove all-night feeds.

All WITHOUT sleep training.  

One Time Payment Plan

$ 150 USD + applicable taxes
  • One Time Payment
  • 6 Months Access
  • Expert Videos
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Ratings and Reviews

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Krisztina Pinchevsky-Mike
Posted 3 weeks ago
Excellent Course

I have started the course around the time my toddler/baby was about 22 months old, and she is 2years old now. The course helped a lot in understanding and supporting emotions. Thank you for the great course!! I can just recommend for all the mama's out there, even just for getting to know/understand your babies better.

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Emily Rinehart
Posted 4 months ago
Practical and effective

I needed to begin night-weaning my bed-sharing toddler and didn't know how to start. This course offers practical advice and has helped me approach the process with my child's emotional needs at heart. It's not an easy process, but I feel equipped to handle the challenges much better than before!

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Katherine Davidson
Posted 8 months ago
Great Course

I highly recommend this course to every parent! It's so informative and I really loved the emotions section. It helped me understand myself and my daughter better. Looking forward to diving into the rest!

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Posted 1 year ago
Not what you think!

Fantastic course. I was surprised what was involved with weaning, and delighted to find that working through each step of the course bit by bit worked wonders. She is sleeping much better now, often through the night, but I noticed an improvement in her sleep after only a couple of weeks. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to support their baby to sleep!

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Shylo-Dawn Gjerlaug
Posted 2 years ago
Gave me the tools I need

I bought the course totally desperate for a change. My 20 month old was to the point he didn’t want to sleep for anyone else except me to nurse. Luckily I only had to make one small change involving supporting emotion & he started weaning himself! It gave me the tools for more than just weaning, I feel like I understand my child more. Thank you!

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