Toddler Bedtime Battles

Are you finding bedtime with your toddler to be a challenge?

Do you find bedtime to be the most frustrating part of the day?

Do you find yourself negotiating with your toddler for hours at bedtime?

If you are, then this course is for you.

In this course, Lauren Heffernan, an ATTACHMENT-FOCUSED Sleep and Well-Being Specialist, will walk you through the five main reasons that toddlers fight bedtime.

You will absolutely come away with practical strategies that you can implement to make bedtime enjoyable again for your family all WITHOUT SLEEP TRAINING.


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  1. Refund available after completion of the “Too Much Separation” module or within 1 week of date of purchase.
  2. The Course can be accessed for up to 6 months.


  • Separation
  • Feeling Disconnected
  • No Boundaries and Loving Limits
  • Trouble Winding Down / Struggling to Relax
  • Overtired / Not Tired Enough

Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes and includes supporting PDF documents.  The Course can be accessed for up to 6 months.