My Top 5 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays as a New Mama

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With the holidays approaching I often reflect back on my time as a new mama and how OVERWHELMED I felt with my new baby.  I remember the stress and pressure I felt to have the PERFECT holiday and then remember feeling EXHAUSTED when it was all done.  I wanted to make beautiful memories and I really didn’t remember a thing.  So today, I wanted to share a few tips for enjoying the holidays as a new mama.

  1. If you can, avoid hosting family.  You are a mama to a new baby (or a busy toddler), and the last thing you need is to be trying to cook a meal or have people in your home.  I know that it can be hard to turn down the offer to host, but I am certain that you will actually enjoy the holiday with your baby if you are able to have someone else take this on, even just for this year.  
  2. If you find the company of extended family to be difficult, be ok with setting a time frame around how long you will be staying BEFORE you arrive.  You could consider saying something like, “Thank you for the invite.  We would love to come.  It’s important for us to stick to our routine and get a good night’s sleep, so we will need to leave by x time.” It is great to set a boundary on your time BEFORE you arrive.
  3. Remember that not everyone is going to agree with your parenting choices AND THAT IS OK.  Holidays and large get-togethers are often a time when you will receive unsolicited comments on, for example, your choice to breastfeed or bedshare or comfort your baby when they cry.  You do not need to justify any of your parenting choices to anyone, especially if they aren’t offering to show up at 2 am to help with your baby.  You might consider a response like, “Thank you for your concern. We are doing what works best/feels best for our family.”
  4. Ask for help.  If you have a partner or extended family and they are going to be around for the holidays, ask for help so you can take a nap/catch up on sleep.  Bring your stroller if you are visiting family and consider asking someone to walk with your little one so you are able to have a conversation and a bit of time to yourself.
  5. Let it go… if you find yourself trying to create the ‘perfect’ holiday, embrace the messiness and joy of being a new mama and all that comes with it.

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