Seugnet Marais

I am a Mama and a Sleep and Well-Being Specialist. I have a Master’s degree in Systemic Psychotherapy (Family Therapy), Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Post Graduate diploma in Play Therapy. My educational background and experience of working with families extensively over the last 20 years really compliments the Sleep and Well-being certification course. […]

Leah Orso

Hi! My name is Leah and I’m a first time mom. Before I became a mom, I was always working with children in daycares and as a private nanny. When I first had my daughter, I was the stressed, sleep deprived mom who was told to sleep train my baby. After learning everything I know […]

Laura Nance

Laura has served hundreds of families as a doula and educator over the past 20-plus years and has trained over 1000 doulas and educators. She serves as the Senior Program Advisor for the Postpartum Doula and New Parent Educator programs for CAPPA and owns a doula and educator collaborative in NC providing services for families […]