Kendra Mele

Hi there! I’m Kendra! I am passionate about working with families to support infant and toddler sleep! Let’s work together so that you can feel confident in connecting to your authentic parenting instincts. I am very passionate about safe co-sleeping for families that are using this sleeping style. Connection is key and I am here […]

Carly Rosenbrook

Hi, I’m Carly, permaculture designer, sleep and well being specialist, and mother to an 18 month old boy. My journey in regenerative studies, herbology/homeopathy, anthropology and ancient systems of wellness helped me to adopt simple solutions in life and parenting. These holistic and instinctive approaches to parenthood and one of its biggest challenges (sleep!) are […]

Jackie Austin

Jackie is a pediatric speech language pathologist and mother of two darling daughters. As a mother of a highly sensitive child, she is no stranger to sleep challenges. After months of searching for answers, she was relieved to find the baby led sleep approach; a solution that aligned with her gentle and respectful parenting approach. […]