Gelsomina Galdieri

I’m Gelsomina, I am Italian but I’ve been living in the UK since 2016. I have an MSc degree, but only after becoming a mom, I found my true calling… to help other moms! It all started with my first child’s sleep issues. As a scientist, the first thing I did was to make research. […]

Racha Sparrow

Hello! My name is Racha and I am a mum of one highly sensitive little soul, based in the UK. After experiencing having a newborn with no support and getting all sorts of well-intended but unhelpful advice, I thought my main goal from now on is to help mums avoid the second guessing and the […]

Maria Zagni

Hi there, my name is Maria Zagni. I have a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Health Psychology. My passion has always been helping others with their day-to-day struggles and since becoming a mother my focus has shifted to helping families with little ones. Sleep can be such a challenging piece of the parenthood […]

Nirva Brown

Hello, my name is Nirva and I’m a mama to a toddler. Prior to becoming a Baby-Led Sleep Specialist, I worked as a Primary School teacher for 15 years in the UK and Dubai and studied Child Psychology and Education to a Masters level. The early days of motherhood were more stressful for me than […]

Stephanie de Graaf

I’m here to help you on this wild and wonderful journey we call parenting. I believe that infant well-being is key to a healthy future. As a certified Sleep and Well-being Specialist, with a background in children’s nursing, I can give you solutions to your family’s sleep challenges while preserving the attachment relationship. You can […]