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THIS 12-CLASS, SELF-PACED ONLINE COURSE is perfect for parents of babies from 6-18 months who want to really understand infant sleep and feeding. We will be providing you with science and fact-based information and talk all about the importance of following your instincts and your heart when it comes time to parenting your baby.


This course will cover the following topics:

The Benefits of Sleep
Lifestyle and culture
Complementary foods
Proper food and nutrition intake
Night Weaning
Picky eaters
Temperament & Sleep
Sleep Environment
Create the perfect environment
Safe sleep, co-sleeping and bed-sharing
Rhythms, Routines, Patterns & Predictability
The importance of routine/patterns
Schedules/wake windows (sample schedules)
The Science of Sleep
Sleep Benefits
Normal Infant Sleep
Tired Cues/Overtired Babies
All About Naps
Importance of naps
Nap strategies
Additional Sleep Challenges
False Starts
Early Rising
Split Nights
Short Naps
Tongue Ties
What is a tongue tie?
Impact of a tongue tie on both sleep and feeding
What can be done about it?
Common Sleep Interruptions
Developmental leaps
Sleep “pro”gressions
Sleep Associations
Nursing (and why we love nursing to sleep)
Sleep Training
Why we don’t use it
How the Baby-Led Sleep approach is different and so important!

Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes and includes supporting PDF documents.  The Course can be accessed for up to 3 months.

Ratings and Reviews

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115 Ratings
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Ashley Mottershead
Posted 4 years ago
Very informative and loved the focus on tuning into our baby and trusting our intuition as mothers.

This course included so much valuable information that I wish I had from the start. As a new mama there is too much information out there, which often makes us question our approach. Lauren offered great knowledge and helped give me the confidence to continue parenting using my intuition and what feels right, while offering suggestions to make gentle changes to things that are no longer working.

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Karla Quinones
Posted 4 years ago
Very intuitive and informative

I loved Lauren's approach to sleep in her Instagram account, then I decided to purchase her course, which I binged in few days 😉 It helped me understand what normal infant sleep is and FEEL that I was not alone following my instinct. It's very easy to get confused with all the information surrounding infant sleep and Lauren gathered solid sources of information to explain it. THANK YOU so much.

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Sarah Palmer
Posted 4 years ago
Fantastic resource for parents

I have been through the course and watched the videos a few times over - it has given us the confidence to approach sleep in a more relaxed and intuitive way which has resulted in better sleep for baby, mumma and dadda!

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Rosemary Silva
Posted 4 years ago
Fantastic support to our intuitive nature

I started the course after already following Lauren on social media, so it was not a surprise that I would find this course absolutely fantastic. It is such good solid source of research based knowledge to compliment all the natural instincts we have as parents. I learned a lot I didn't know and felt support in what I already new. Thank you!

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Ashlee Creedon
Posted 4 years ago
Great gentle approach!

LOVE the course! We have begun to implement some of the gentle strategies & beginning to see some positive results. We are in Australia & it is so refreshing to have the guidance available online for a holistic approach that suits our lifestyle and family. Thank you doesn't seem like enough to show our deepest gratitude and appreciation! We are truly blessed to have connected with Isla-Grace.

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Katherine van Ekert
Posted 4 years ago
I wish every parent knew this information!

As a first time mom raising a wakeful baby amongst peers who all sleep trained, this course came as a life - and sanity - saver. I'm so grateful to learn about what "normal" infant sleep actually looks like. This course is so amazingly comprehensive, too, that its wisdom extends far beyond sleep as it teaches parents to parent with the empathy and respect that our kiddos deserve. THANK YOU!

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Posted 4 years ago
Loved the sleep science behind this course

Really wish I had taken a course like this when my son was younger. I absolutely loved the sleep science behind this course and love that it normalizes night wakings, nursing to sleep and bedsharing. The techniques are parent and baby led, allowing you to be flexible in creating your plan while ensuring it aligns with the values of your family, without compromising attachment.

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Alisa Scukanac Matic
Posted 4 years ago
Happy and rested

Dear Lauren, completing the 6-18 month course helped me release all the negativity, guilt and failure of any form. It was just like you were here to tell me that I’m stronger than I think I am. Thanks to this course and You, my son is happier and much better rested - and so am I. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and love, for wanting us to understand our baby and his narture.

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Lipi Virani
Posted 4 years ago

This course is a treasure trove of valuable information which is empowering the parent to allow them to make conscious choices in the parenting and sleep journey. Thank you for your shared wisdom Lauren!

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Katherine Fernandes
Posted 4 years ago
Finally gave me peace

As a first time mom I was overwhelmed as I was constantly being told that slee p training was the only way for my baby to sleep through the night. I felt bad for feeding and rocking my baby to sleep. But then a friend recommended this course and it has been life changing. I feel like I have a stronger bond with my baby and I am no longer stressed out about her sleep. Thank you!

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