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This course is going to give you everything that you need to start supporting families to get sleep without using any sleep training.  We will be taking a holistic approach to solving sleep challenges and getting families the support they need.


Upon completion of the course, you will be a Certified Baby-Led Sleep and Well-Being Specialist!


  • Over 40 lectures and 55.5 hours of content!
  • Information presented through a variety of practitioners who support both babies and children.
  • A whole month of case studies by several holistic sleep practitioners.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.

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Ekaterina Tassetti Markova
Posted 2 weeks ago
Eye opening and mind blowing!

I embarked in this journey as a doula and as a mother who knows how hard it is to follow your instinct even if everything and everyone are against that, so I decided to arm myself with knowledge to fence off the old wives tales attacks to my and my clients parenthoods. This course was enlightening, heartwarming and unique. Nature and science intertwine, giving birth to your confidence to be better

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Heather Sande
Posted 2 months ago
Connects the dots between sleep and attachment

This course is incredibly comprehensive. I feel confident that I can be thorough with clients and cover all aspects which may be impacting sleep. I know I will be referring back to the material for a long time. Truly, this is about so much more than sleep. The information curated and presented by Lauren, is about building deep parent - child relationships. A great gift to share with parents!

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Mallory Devarennes
Posted 4 months ago
Certification Course

This course has been tremendously helpful in gaining knowledge in order to not only become the best parent for my daughter but also to be able to help other families. The variety of education in a holistic approach is so beneficial to help be determine if families need to be referred out to another specialist.

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Marcella DeRosa
Posted 4 months ago
Lauren is amazing !

I can't thank Lauren enough for inspiring me even further to continue to do my work with families ! I am a birth and postpartum doula who now can offer my current clients as well as new ones an incredible service that is respectful, attachment-based, supports the WHOLE family and places parental instincts above all!

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Sarah Palmer
Posted 5 months ago
Empowering and life changing

From the moment the certification began I was hooked - I have loved every single week and have learned more than I could have ever imagined. It is truly holistic and I have been validated in my parenting and am so glad I have chosen this path to help new parents. If you are considering taking this certification, you will not regret it - it will change your life.

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Adrienne MacDonald
Posted 10 months ago
Enriched my life in so many ways

This course gave me an incredible knowledge base and also taught me how to hold space for the process of learning and growing as a practitioner and as a parent, helped me understand how to change patterns of thinking, reacting and engaging in relationships with my children, partner and clients as well as how to be set up for success in running a private practice focused on supporting families.

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